I’m Dr Laura Dennison, Director of Vital Insights Consulting Ltd.  I’m a research and evaluation consultant with a PhD in Health Psychology and over 18 years of experience spanning a wide range of health topics, contexts, and methods.

How can I help?

  • I can help clients to develop, evaluate and improve health-related interventions, information, products and services. I can explore whether what they are doing is acceptable, engaging, effective and impactful
  • I can help clients demonstrate their impact but also establish how and why things are working (or not!). I can help clarify pathways to improvement.
  • I use my expertise in qualitative research to get deep insight into the needs, priorities and capabilities of patients or users. I facilitate clients to learn from patient or user experiences and perspectives and then translate this into better interventions and services.
  • As a Health Psychologist, I’m trained to use behavioural science to understand problems and improve outcomes. I make sense of theory and existing research in this area and apply it in ways that the client will grasp and find helpful.

Who can I help?

  •  Anyone who needs a rigorous, thoughtful exploration of how people experience and respond to health-related interventions, information, products and services.
  • This might include charities, voluntary and community organisations, social enterprises, industry, NHS and private health providers.