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PROF LUCY YARDLEY OBE Director of Digital Interventions Group (DIG) at University of Southampton, University of Bristol
<p>It has been a great pleasure to work with Laura on numerous projects over more than 15 years. She’s a very highly-skilled researcher with a firm grasp of behavioural science.  Her work is always sensitive, rigorous and impactful.  She cuts straight to important issues and foresees both obstacles and solutions. She works well independently and with teams, communicating clearly and supportively to colleagues and stakeholders</p>
DR KATHERINE BRADBURY Digital Health Lead, NIHR Applied Research Collaboration, Wessex
<p>Laura is my go-to person if I need a safe pair of hands to manage projects. She’s highly adaptable and responsive. She’ll produce clear, insightful reports and presentations. She’s also delightful to work with; warm and funny.</p>
DR SARAH TONKIN-CRINE Health Psychologist, University of Oxford
<p>Laura has an impressive track record in health research, particularly when it comes to understanding user/patient needs. It’s fantastic that she’s now available as a consultant. So many organisations working with and for people with health problems will benefit from her (Vital- 😉) insights.</p>
CHERISH BOXALL Research Fellow, University of Southampton
<p>It was extremely valuable to be able to get Laura's input into my evaluation project. She spotted lots of ways to improve data collection and gave me some really helpful tips and feedback on my interviewing technique which I’ve been able to use in my subsequent work.</p>
STEPH EASTON University Hospital Southampton
<p>Laura helped me plan each stage of my project and supported me to consider the implications of various options; from considering ethical issues, recruitment and sampling strategy, and working out exactly what data to collect and how to analyse it. She gives clear, practical advice in a warm and friendly way.</p>