Evaluating a new peer support network for people with eating difficulties/disorders



The Southampton Eating Difficulties Peer Support Network (EDPSN) launched in 2023 to provide peer support to adults who either have eating difficulties/disorders themselves or are supporting someone else with these difficulties.

The network provides group, one-to-one and online peer support.

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This evaluation was undertaken early following the network launch and is exploratory in nature. It aimed to understand how the network is currently operating and the impact is having in order to inform changes and improvements as it is further developed and scaled. It also explored the range of outcomes and impacts that the service may have for both the service users and the volunteers, the mechanisms by which positive outcomes and impact are achieved, and any relevant contextual factors.

Overall, the network exhibited promise in delivering effective peer support, with both users and volunteers reporting positive experiences.

The evaluation recommendations centred around continuing to offer and promote the network, developing and optimising it to address emerging issues, and embedding evaluation and monitoring into routine operations.

The evaluation findings will guide SCIA/Options in how to best proceed with developing a safe, engaging supportive peer network. SCIA/Options will also use the evaluation to support them with attracting further funding and developing further partnerships to sustain and grow the network.  



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Evaluation Report_EDPSN_SCiA and Options Jan 24

Eating Disorder Peer Support Network



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